NO ONE was hurt with all this flying debris.

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Hello friends,

This Friday and Saturday my apartment will be hosting an art show that I am impersonally inviting you to. Yeah even you, IP address 58.191.987, the Nigerian hacker that provides my website with 400 hits per month. It’s free and you can stop by casually.

I wouldn’t normally bother you in such a manner, but this particular show is sponsored by Southern Exposure and is even an SF Weekly pick of the week. (And if you can’t trust your local corporate alternative weekly subsidiary for reliable event information in this world, who can you trust?)

The theme of the show is the concept of “home,” and it’s therefore being curated (by my friend Adrienne) in three Mission District homes, including mine. The work is divided by room in themes such as domesticity, migration, and mapping.

Anyway if you were to come, it would personally make me feel cool. And if you need a reason that doesn’t involve my ego: there will be lots of beer. Oh, it would be nice to see you too.

Here’s the postcard:


And on September 3rd,“Spacecraft,” our first Thursday series at CELLspace is happening from 6-9pm.


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