A defining feature of the wild card era.

A Particular Kind Of Heaven Resize

I sure am getting lots of mileage out of my Cliff House/Ocean Beach/Seal Rocks stencils, and here is a recent permutation. It is a birthday present for EB, and also an un-subtle homage to one of my favorite works by the artist Ed Ruscha that I have admired it in the DeYoung museum many times.

Ruscha is a West Coast artist who participated in the Warhol/Lichtenstein driven pop-art movement, and later went on make a series of highly awesome word art paintings in the seventies and eighties. He is one of my favorite American artists. As a mantra, “a particular sort of heaven” perfectly encapsulates my personal West Coast experience, the highlight of which has been finding EB.

(By the way, Ruscha’s “a particular sort of heaven” is incomplete without considering this companion piece)

A Particular Kind of Heaven | Screenprint on Paper | 19×19 inches | 2013

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