The post-Roger Ebert era likely will be less enjoyable and snappy, but we’ve got to try.

Cityart April2013

The April 2013 CityArt show is installed and open.  This month I am  experimenting with some heavy  artillery.  I would be honored if you stopped by this month to check it out in person.  Thanks to EB for hanging helping.

Clockwise from top:

  1. Crossroads on  Mount  Tamalpais w/ Traffic Cone (Marin County, CA) | Unique screenprint on handmade canvas | 48×24 inches | 2012

Permanently installed in a special rustic pine frame.

2. Seal Rocks | Ocean Beach, San Francisco CA | Unique screenprint and ink on paper | 30 x 24 inches | 2013

140 lb watercolor paper.  Archival mounted in a custom fir shadow box with double strength glass. Removable title plaque.

3. Something That Will Catch Their Eye | Unique screenprint and ink on oak tile | 16 x 16 inches | 2013

4. Michelle’s Print | Screenprint on Pine (2nd edition of 9) | 12 x 18 inches | 2013

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