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Teacher Print

Some days I feel like screen printing is less of an art form and more of a series of things that can go wrong.   Having worked out my emulsion issues for the time being, I agreed to run a daylong printing workshop with fellow Explainer alum Kristin at the elementary school where my friend Raymond works.   Seven session, seven grade levels, forty minutes a pop, and Kristin will be dressed as The Cherry Ghost.   But as the day of the workshop approaches, I find myself questioning how screen printing—which only works on the days that everything goes right—will happen amidst the near-infinite entropy of two hundred kids.   The Second Law of Thermodynamics practically guarantees that there is now way in hell this is going to work.

To make matters worse, my game plan is probably overly ambitious.   Ridiculous, now that I think about it.   The idea is that each student would make a print of their teacher.   Example design of Ms. Baum:

a happy teacher

The little kids would print one layer, two for the the older kids.   We spent yesterday prepping the screens, and today the gravity of the task at hand is apparent.   I am just not lucky enough to make this work.

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