I didn’t turn in the homework because I got confused about what the homework actually was, but now i understand it was the questions at the end of the chapter.

Ob Ideas4thumb

Here’s a preview of my latest series Eight Ideas at Ocean Beach.    There are actually sixteen  separate  pieces–each with a corresponding idea at Ocean Beach–but the gallery wall only fits eight at a time and I do not want to confuse  visitors.  They will  likely be confused enough about why I would print images of myself running around with a crazed look over a perfectly beautiful image.

I am calling this a screenprinted motion picture. I think that is legitimate because each piece is truly one frame in a film I shot for this project.  Notice how the background scrolls from left to right?  Notice how I lose my hat at the end? Notice how I am wearing a bathrobe? (It’s got an ideal shape for screenprinting). I feel excited about this new direction and my aim is to cultivate collaborations with directors, writers, and actors, costume folks.  This time around, it’s just me though.  Thanks to EB for filming.

The Ocean Beach Ideas are from my working list of phrases documented in these posts.

Come see them in person all month!

City Art February Show
Opening reception: Friday 2/1/13 7-10 PM
City Art Gallery
828 Valencia @ 20th. SF CA


  1. Rachel

    I can’t even tell you how much I love the phrase on the 4th picture here. It makes my stomach feel funny (in the best way).

    Love the bathrobe.

  2. erin

    i love how Something New looks like a thunderstorm is brewing

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