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Mission St Framed1

In 2009 when I was furiously producing a screenprint on wood for every intersection of Twenty-Fourth Street in the Mission District, I had the foresight to print a few copies on paper.  Here in 2012 I wish my 2009 self had even more foresight because a few copies is not enough.  This delayed regret comes to the fore only now because I just saw a professionally-framed version of Mission Street and it looks fantastic.    Ever the wise art collector, Z-Mom purchased this diptych at my Fall Open Studios with top secret plans to spend three times the amount on a frame job and hang the result on a very prime bit of dining room wall.  Last night in Santa Cruz I saw it for the first time at its new home  and I immediately wished I made more.  I don’t really like frames, but this could change my thinking.  At least for multi-panel prints on paper.  It looks great.  It looks better matted and framed than it does unframed.  So thank you, Ziggy.

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  1. erin

    It’s a good thing they painted the wall to match

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