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Anatomy Poster

The anatomy poster is done!   All you have to do to see it is move your mouse over the the all-knowing more link and click.   Wait, did I say mouse?   Of course you wouldn’t ever move your mouse over a computer screen.   That would be ridiculous.   I meant move the pointer that is controlled by your mouse.   Or maybe you don’t even have a mouse.   Maybe it is a track pad.   Or a stylus, like my friend Nowell uses.   Could even be one of those useless red nubs.   Oo, any trackballs in the house?   I am sorry for making so many assumptions. I was just trying to suggest that there is a small possibility that the act of activating the more link could be worth your time.   In the future I promise to be a scrupulous Californian and do my part to promote a non-specific, assumptionless society.  

Thank you. Thank you.   Thank you.   I don’t know what I was thinking up there.   Something about pre-more link content tends to make me nervous.   I guess it’s the pressure to entice the visitor to click.   It makes me feel like I’m selling something.   This is troublesome because as a scrupulous Californian, I feel that all goods and services should be exchanged on a free basis, with the possible exception of a barter arrangement (hint hint: I understand that you recently came into a cache of premium Kush from the water princess at the Temple of Atonement camp).

Anyway I guess I should post the poster.   It’s 15 x 20 inches on archival Arches paper.   Just kidding, I don’t think the paper is Arches, but it cost $2 a sheet at Flax.   If you want to exchange money for one, this time only, I’ll give you a great deal and will ship it in a tastefully-packaged parcel.   You know what?   For you, I will even secure it in a handsome glass frame at a nominal cost.   I don’t usually let Henry Paulson’s trainwreck capitalist system interfere with my artistic vision, but I will be willing to accept legal tender for my art.   This time only.   All you have to do is click.

$20 Unframed (+$3 shipping)

$30 Framed (+$5 shipping)  


  1. ben

    I greatly enjoyed this Will Franken guest post.

  2. jon

    Me too. Unfortunately we were forced to censor the bit about flossing his teeth with Nancy Peloci’s pubic hair.

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