93rd most effective senator.


I really thought I would never get sick again.

But with the first rain in months came the strong sensation of autumn, a flooded ground floor, and a sick day in bed.   This was all after days of doing nothing but eating nachos and completing my “Working Personnel Action File” for work.   What is a Working Personnel Action File?   Well, it is a dossier in which I argue the case for my retention and in my case included sentences like the following:

“On a warm night after a basketball game, walking along Maritime Academy Drive, the sugar factory and the bridge blinking on the horizon, I realized that I felt incredibly fulfilled.   It was a remarkable moment for me.   While I had determined from the start to exceed the expectations of CMA, I had not anticipated that CMA would exceed mine.”

Wow, you don't just casually jot down gold like that. No wonder I have a 101 temperature.   Anyway, my WPAF took a week to finish and it's 109 pages long. working personnel action file In other news, I tricked a local coffee shop into letting me hang up my panels on their walls.   I didn't even have to show them my art, I just had to promise not to nail in to the wall.   Who knew is was that easy?   Also without nails, I finally hung the pieces up online, too.   Here's the scene in Cafe La Boheme: Cafe La Boheme

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