Rain or Shine 2.

Stephen Print3

Well, after battling with old expired emulsion, runny ink and a shitty design problems (all  mercifully  not chronicled here), I finished Stephen’s Print.  It looks like this:

Careful observers will note that I needed to enlarge the size of the dots on his jacket from the previous design.  Details like this consumed me for the most part, but every once in a while the project made me sad.

I took the liberty of spreading a few of these around the neighborhood, particularly in the West end of Precita Park, where Stephen lived.  I found a few strategically placed trees to discretely nail into.  Also I placed a  limited  edition of prints for public distribution at Charlie’s and Precita Park Cafe.  I think they will either be gone very soon or sitting around forever.

I documented the project in detail for my  objects section.

And finally here is a good Times article on the incident.

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