Rain or shine.

Stephen Image

At some point in December there was an attack on  Precita Park‘s spiritual overseer/resident homeless dude,  Stephen Stymiest.  Shortly thereafter, Stephen died of wounds sustained during the assault, alleged to be a random  act of gang initiation.  The whole story is just sad.  Very sad.  And it is staying with me.  I feel like Stephen was one of the best things this fast-changing neighborhood had going for it and I miss his reliable and comforting presence.  Stephen was always looking over the neighborhood but who was looking over Stephen? This got me thinking about how much more I could do as a neighbor, citizen, and fellow human.

Well there’s a lot more I could do.  For now, the immediate aftermath, since I am a printmaker, I am going make a print.  This one’s going to be for Stephen.

Here’s my image:

And here’s my stack of cardboard:

More soon.

Some good local coverage from the ever-vigilant Bernalwood blog:

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