Keira Knightley is a complete disaster as Jung’s tormented patient.

I was already on pace to complete this new series for the  beginning  of February.

So I figured I might as well proceed with my weekend woodwoorking marathon to fabricate the frames on schedule. How could I pass up the chance for such choice alliteration?

It feels good to be manically productive.  I feel that this series has moved me forward in some important and presently not understood way.  Thanks to Jesse and zMom for advice, room, board.

Day 1: Staining and sizing 210
linear feet of hardwood flooring:


Fabricating backs:


Day 2: Assembly:

Mass Assembly:


The payoff:


  1. erin

    nice and to the point.
    it also seems you awoke early on saturday.

  2. jon

    ART is where it’s at. the more i say the word, the closer I get to heaven.

  3. Ben

    The still of that video is downright onanistic.

  4. jon

    Thank you for the new vocabulary word.

  5. Nowell

    You could say he’s Onan the Barbarian. Yeah- I can’t say that I’ve ever heard that word used colloquially, if at all. Nice job, Hill.

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