The defense was up to snuff as well.

Ship Panels

Almost-done panels! The color mixed out more blue than the green I planned for, but sometimes life gives you blue. Just have to roll with the punches.
ship panels

Incidentally, I visited this site again today. It’s at the Pier 66 boatyard, down a small path from Illinois Street, next to The Ramp restaurant. Definitely one of my new favorite spots in the city.
pier 66 boatyard

Tomorrow: video from the first day of spring in the Mission.


  1. Rachel

    Those panels are beautiful.

  2. Nowell

    Dude, that thing may have to be mine after all, whether it takes up my entire office wall or not. IT’S SO FUCKING GORGEOUS!!! I’ll at least put in a competitive bid. :-)

  3. cat

    i think i might be due some royalties when you sell these pretty panels. you know, for assisting in the acquisition of materials and for my fantastic transparency cutting abilities.

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