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The streets are damp, the air is cold, and a handyman is busy snaking unimaginably large clumps of girl hair from our various drains. I am trapped here. I can no longer avoid this journal. And, probably, some of the hair was mine.

Here is some art stuff that happened, for the record:

I got a fat check from The Lab gallery, which represents my earnings from their post-postcard show (post a 50% gallery commission). At $12 a set, they were a steal and I’m curious who bought them. Are they sending them? Where are my gushing emails of adulation? The ruling: The money should cover paper.

Postcard 28 got selected to screen at the SF Independent Film Festival’s opening party. I’m not really sure what that means beyond what they told us:

“Your film is an official selection in the program but, since it won’t be showing in the theater, will be listed just on our website and not in our program guide. Our parties are one of the things SF IndieFest is known for, and people love being able to watch more films while enjoying the party vibe.”

The party vibe: truly the way this film was made to be seen. Eh. I’m actually totally excited. The ruling: We will take what we can get.

As part of a series of large art pieces, I test printed the first of several panoramas I have been planning. This is what it looked like:

That’s highway 280 in the background. The final pieces are slated to be five foot long, mixed media works on wood. The ruling: I will believe in it when I see it.

Oh, and some other crap.


  1. Ben

    I would wear that Grover Cleveland shirt on non-consecutive occasions.

  2. jon

    Unfortunately, it’s actually a one use garment.

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