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2011 Open Studios

Open Studios 2011 has come.  And Open Studios 2011 has gone.

Gone fast, I should add.  I forgot that the many interesting people and opportunities that pop up during the weekend make time fly.  I even got a little photo-op at  Mission Local (not to be confused with Local Mission), thanks to blogger  Molly Oleson.  Click to slide number 5.

My goal was to turn a  humongous  pile of scrap cardboard into an series of serious  work that anyone who wanted could afford.  And if anyone didn’t look like they could afford it, I probably just gave the piece away.  I think that’s what Open Studios is best for.  Opening your studio to the public shouldn’t just be about self promotion, but also engagement.   As a screen printer, I am lucky enough to have the means to make this sort of thing work because I can make a shitload of prints.  So I hadn’t really thought of it exactly like this until now, but I guess my goal was to make the weekend an experiment less about promotion and sales and more about art as an act of engagement. I really want to explore this aspect of printmaking further.

Thanks to my new friends from Mexico City to City Hall to 22nd Street.  Special thanks to the old friends who showed up, Phanna, Serai, T-man, Michelle, and of course  EB.  It’s nice to be supported.

Cellspace open studios 2011

Cellspace open studios 2011 (click to enlarge)

Cellspace open studios 2011

Prints on cardboard

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