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TThe Edison record is probably the last part of the Turntable Thirteen catalog. This special record features the voice of Thomas Edison, from a recording made in the 1800s that has never been digitized. Why does this matter? As an analog sound recording, what you hear is an imprint of air vibrations directly produced by the voicebox of Thomas Edison. A digital recording is a description of those vibrations–and correspondingly removed from the source by a layer of abstraction. This record loop was cast out of resin from an LP of archival sounds. Performance with Danny Clay this Friday at Gray Area in SF at 8pm.

The audio above is a remix of our eight turntable test with the new Edison loops mixed in. I love the ending, around 10:44. Thomas sends us out with the most fitting loop of them all: “In this day of electricity.”

Turntable Drawing Thirteen

with Danny Clay
Part of the UNSEEN series

Gray Area
2665 Mission St
(b/t 22nd & 23rd)

Friday March 24 8-11 PM
Our set: 8:30-9:15


Turntable Drawing Thirteen is an immersive sound installation of handmade records played alongside live instrumental musicians. Part sculptural sketch, part three-dimensional print, each record is part of a wide-ranging collection formed using a variety of techniques and materials. Records are imprinted with mathematical textures, original recorded material, or direct casts of existing LPs that include some of history’s earliest recorded sounds. Visitors are invited to play the records or simply explore the space as the sounds unfold. Adapting a central inquiry of printmaking, the project investigates the possibilities of music as a physical print–a tactile imprint of an original source.

Gray Area’s quarterly UNSEEN Series programs site-specific, collaborative performances by Bay Area artists presented in 8 channel surround sound, with audio engineering and equipment by Recombinant Media Labs.

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