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Daldr Floor 1

My friends like to pretend that I pass my summer days lazily collecting sand dollars and breaking the law, but I will have anyone who will listen know that I recently executed the largest continuous screenprint of my life.  This print makes up a  floor and wall for the world of Down A Little Dirt Road, produced in my capacity as the play’s Set Designer.

How big is it?  The main floor sheet  measures about 350 ft2–with a few extensions including a large piece that crawls up the upstage wall, the total is around 550 ft2.

To produce this one serigraph to rule them all  , we first purchased one large sheet of economy vinyl flooring from our local mega-home improvement garrison and then got to work on its backside.  After a coat of Cracked Pepper Black was  loosely  applied with paint rollers, we got down on hands and knees to apply the screen prints in pairs, one painful  square foot at a time.  One person held the screen steady while the other manned the  squeegee.  After seven hours of this, the pattern was complete and the  surface  was protected with a polyurethane sealant  known  to the state of California to cause birth defects while wet.

Not too many days of artmaking have shortened my life expectancy like this one probably did.  But the floor looks great:

Backside of the flooring

After a quick coat of black

After screen printing

Applying the selant

The pattern

Installed in the venue, I was happy with way the prints transformed the space:



Unfortunately there was a heartbreaking amount of tearing when  the flooring was unrolled in the venue.  The vinyl just kind of stuck to itself:

A small tear.

Find out how this problem was solved:  Down A Little Dirt Road opens June 9 and runs Thursdays through Sundays until July 3.  Tickets available at brown paper tickets. Thanks to Jonathan S., Erin B., Molly A., Louel S., and especially Maddie  for all the help making this happen.

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  1. ziggy

    Hey Jon

    This is even more awesome than seeing it.
    Really a very cool floor….what are you going to do with it when DALDR is over?

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