Brought Cold War To Western Hemisphere.

“Turntable Drawing 6.1:” Live sound installation for three turntables, custom sine wave records, guitar, and piano. Indefinite duration. A collaboration between Danny Clay and Jon Fischer, supported by the San Francisco Arts Commission.

Description: A loop-based composition for piano, guitar, 9-inch sine wave records, & three turntables. Designed to transform the environment of a room, this cycle of sound can be performed for an indefinite duration. It was first performed during the 2016 Open Studios visual art exhibition at The Pacific Felt Factory in San Francisco.

Custom made records each produce nine tones, one at a time. By fine tuning the speed of rotation, the tones can be calibrated to the musical scale used in this demonstration. Turntables can be locked into one tone (by forcing the tone arm into a fixed position), or they can play through the sequence of nine individual tones. A vintage record lathe was used to create the records themselves. By feeding the lathe pure tones generated by a computer, a consistent sine wave structure was carved in the microscopic record grooves.



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