Bugs again cues the singer to close out his performance with the high note so that the piece falls and knocks him out.

2011 Senior Awards1

I just completed my fifth year teaching undergraduate engineering.

If you know me, maybe you find that statement amusing.  I would guess you might think this is funny in the same way that it was funny when Bugs Bunny put on a tuxedo and conducted Wagner’s theme from Act III of the opera, Lohengrin.    Trust me, no one is as surprised as me. And I am me.

Amusing or disturbing, the completion of the academic year always means graduation.  It’s one of my  favorite times of the year because I always feel very proud of my seniors.  And because it means summer is here. And because sometimes I get presents.

This year, before accepting any gifts from the class of 2011. I decided to strike first.  I thought that since the senior awards so benevolently bestowed by the university are usually a little boring, it would be fun to make my own.  One for each senior, construction paper and typewriting, a safety pin sewed on the back: that sort of flaunt-my-masculinity thing.

Anyway, I did it. I got all twenty-five made!  I was a little fretful about offending someone, but  each fortune came from what I think Christians call a place of love.  Therefore I ultimately feel comfortable about all that was said.  We had a small ceremony on the last day of ET460: Automation and some people even wore their ribbons for the rest of the day.  Class of 2011, I will miss you.  (And thanks for the booze, Lamar)

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