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Geology Printing1

Step number two in developing the DaLDR set was exposing three screens worth of test stencils from my geology book imagery.

This printing day was a struggle from start to finish.

I produced film positives from my images, which went well enough:

Film Positives

Film Positives

Exposing the screen went fine.

Exposing the screens went fine.

Unfortunately with a manufacturer recommended shelf life of three weeks, my emulsion was long passed expired.   Screens coated with expired emulsion will usually expose, but the most magical step in screenprinting, washout of the stencil,  is near impossible.  This typically presents the printer with two options:

  • Be smart and start over.
  • Use force.

Of course a Born in the USA runaway train such as myself only has one speed: full steam ahead.  And I was pissed.  Not in the mood to relive my Tuesday morning, it was time to bust out the big guns.  That’s right, the hour had approached to unleash  1600 Watts  of  heavy-duty aluminum axial cam pounding  1400 psi of unforgiving H2O  through any weak-ass bullshit expired emulsion in its way.  And at 651 square inches of total area, these pissant screens were about to meet (651 in2 x 1400 psi) 911,400 total pounds of punishment.  Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the Husky 1600 Power Washer.  I like to keep it handy for close  encounters.

Note the difference in the washout before and after power washing.  Now I had myself some stencils.

Next post: Taking it out on the card stock.

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  1. Rachel

    Your sense of humor is astounding.

  2. jon

    That’s one way to put it…

  3. erin

    i will be careful never to get on your bad side when The Husky is on hand.

  4. jon

    Husky is always on hand.

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