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Postcard Capture

With the hope of finishing the San Francisco Postcard Project, Nowell and I decided to lock ourselves in his Cole Valley compound for the last three days. The San Francisco Postcard Project is a film we are making together about me walking around the city. If that sounds boring, consider the fact that it was shot and takes place over the course of a day, a year, and four seasons simultaneously. If that still sounds boring then consider the potential of the ultimate vanity project: nothing has ever captured in four minutes the way I feel about the last four years of my life.

Anyway, we didn’t finish.

But it’s now finally starting to come together. Five hours of footage cut down to a four minute edit. Music. Marketing plan. We figure the trailer for a four minute movie should be about eight seconds long, so that will be a challenge to look forward to. Hm, what else? I figure we can offer Roger Ebert a few German sausages for a decent tag line. If not, Joel Siegel is always waiting in the shadows. Overall it’s a good collaboration: Nowell’s geeky technology obsession and slick Matrix/NIN sensibility with my insufferable inclination to find profundity everywhere (which seems like a much better way to make a movie than to live a life).

Remind me to tell you about the three industrial dryers that have been drawing 23 amps from my apartment hallway for the last 48 hours.

A still from the film (we ended up cutting this shot out):

postcard capture

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