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Coast Lines 3
  • “02:13:2015:10:22:36 PDT”
    screen print & acrylic on wood panel | 14 x 25 x 2.5 inches | 2015

AA new sensation is now on the American Art market, now for sale at San Francisco based This piece is made from stencils I developed from captured video stills for a series on canvas called San Pablo Seasons. Let’s button this piece:

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Inspired by the meditative view of steadily moving coastlines as seen behind the windows of ships in motion, this piece combines elements of screen printing, painting, and photography.An acrylic painting serves as the background for a freeform screen print that was built up over time using many colors. Some of the inks used have a warm metallic sheen that gives the surface a shimmering glow.
From a distance, the piece resembles an abstract painting. Up close, the organized pattern of the screen print asserts itself and details of the image resolve.I love how looking at this piece for some time slowly reveals a reflection-like picture of a coastline, the sky, and the window.Windows are a reoccurring motif in my work. Like a painting, they are not only an opening that reveals the outside world, but also passageway to that which lies within.

The front of artwork coated with super glossy, super thick (1/16″) crystal clear epoxy resin that gives the piece a pristine, polished, & deep surface.

Panel is backed with a heavy weight denim lining and framed in a custom antique white wood box frame.

Wired and ready to hang!


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  1. Nowell

    Love this one, man. Screams with life.

    I also love how you lift phrases from our emails and put them in your posts. They are like little easter eggs. :)

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