By the time of his death in 1973, Picasso had created some 50,000 artworks.

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screen print, photodye, & charcoal on denim | 18 x 15 inches | 2015
TThis week I volunteered to rework this piece in my studio, just in time for the February City Art show. With no one else stepping up to to give this concept the visual treatment it deserved, I took it upon myself to clear my own schedule and complete the job. I even used my own tools. I know what you are thinking. How in the world am I able to take on these extra assignments time after time? That’s just the type of selfless citizen I am.

Perhaps the denim substrate caught your eye. I have had a fascination with denim for some time now, perhaps making up for lost time as a child when I simply refused to wear jeans–or any pants that weren’t sweatpants–till I was in sixth grade.  For a fabric, denim has some pretty strong associations and I wanted to experiment with it a little bit. How is it different than canvas? Is there any value added? How much cooler would the Mona Lisa be if it were painted on a denim rather than a canvas?

I have learned that denim is actually not that different than canvas. Primarily the two are just woven differently, with denim manufactured in a twill pattern usually using yarn of two different colors. On the close up photo, you can notice this effect. And like your favorite pair of jeans, this fabulous new work will break in with age providing you with decades of wearing pleasure. It can be yours starting today. Just stop by the gallery:

City Art Gallery February 2015 Show

November 9-29, 2014 | 828 Valencia St | SF CA
Opening Reception: Friday Feb 6, 2015 7-10PM
J. Fischer pouring your booze from 8-9PM

W-Th: noon-9pm
F & Sat: 11am-10pm
Sun: 11am-9pm

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