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Interview With Monica Side3
  • “Interview with Monica (Water 29)”
    Mixed media screen print in oak frame | 11.25 x 11.25 x 2.25 in | 2013

FFeather2Pixels is going online! Upgraded “Interview With Monica” works are now for sale at San Francisco based UGallery.com. I’ll just go grab an iced tea and come back to watch the sales start rolling in. Cue the buy now button:

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Interview with Monica is a mixed media work consisting of a screen prints on hand inked pine panels. Individually screen printed and hand inked, each tile represents one “frame” in a series of overlapping visual scenes that take place on LAND, AIR, and WATER. Displayed individually or collected together, these unique works resembles something in between a silent movie, a comic strip, and the pre-cinema locomotion studies of Eadweard Muybridge.

The inspiration for this work is the law of nature that states when one slows down images of people moving around and inspects them frame by frame, almost every image looks interesting, mysterious, and funny. To develop this project, I enlisted several adventurous friends to improvise dozens of simple movements and sequences filmed using HD video on location at a variety of Bay Area locations, including the Berkeley Pier at sunset and underwater in a 60°F pool. Individual images selected from single frames in the source footage were collected and reassembled to form intertwined fantastical stories that draw on motifs such as color, text, space, and movement.

Preserved in a super glossy, super thick (1/16-inch) coating of crystal clear epoxy resin, the surface of the artwork draws out the interplay between vibrant washes of ink, the graphic screen print, and the beautiful natural features of the wood itself.

Wired and ready to hang!

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