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Hillside Scrap1
2 layer screen print on paper | 12.5 x 19 inches | 2015
IIs it that time of year again? Yes it is.

A second year of Hillside Supperclub, a second anniversary poster for my friends Tony and Jonathan, the amibitious chefs who run the restaurant on the ground floor of my very special, very rent contolled Bernal Heights Victorian home.

For the big night Tony and Jonathan connect all the tables together communal syle and offer a special dinner service. Mostly neighborhood folks show up and there is a free hand printed poster for anyone who wants one. This year, the boys wanted the design to incorporate their special collection of hand photos. You know, hand photos. It is a culinary thing: hands chopping onions, hands cracking eggs, hands choking a bird. The design also includes graphics from my beloved Joy of Cooking, an absolute treaure trove of food related illustrations.

I know exactly what you are thinking: in what world does the recipe for Italian Meatballs include Worchestire Sauce? Compromises were made.

In a perfect world we would all barter our tangible skills in useful situations, and those with no tangible skills would not end up in administration. In this less than perfect world we can still take it upon ourselves to seek out these opportunities where they can be found.

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