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Homemade Drone Zoomed Hd Resize
“homemade drone” | screen print, ink, & charcoal rubbing on unprimed canvas | 24 x 20 inches | 2015

This is the New Homemade Drone system!

  • FLIGHT READY! Paper mâché dries in minutes.
    Whether darting one mile above the subject’s head or hovering silently inches above, homemade drone can complete missions of a unit many times its sophistication while consuming less energy than a common smoke alarm.
  • NEW! Fully loaded and simple.
    Homemade drone includes all the great features you love in expensive autonomous aircraft, yet it is simple enough to be assembled by a small child with materials found in a typical American kindergarten.

No Risk Money Back Guaranteed!

Simply put, homemade drone is the finest unmanned aerial vehicle that can be constructed for under three quarters of a dollar.

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