Huge Earthquake Could Hit San Francisco Any Day.



it’s a highway 101 overpass | screen print on wood | 17 x 10 inches | 2014

San Francisco’s staircases charm the masses and get all the secret-destination press, but the city’s highway overpasses are in in the same category and just as interesting. Here is a new cityscape for the archives. After observing this completed artwork for a few days now, it’s pleasing me for a number of specific reasons. That number is three:

  1. More with Less: The interplay between the positive and negative space in this composition is working better than it has a right to.  The State of California grants no explicit rights for its art or its non-citizens to work.  (When in doubt, throw up a fence.)
  2. Illusion of Image: The intentionally-exaggerated substructure of dots resolves beautifully from a distance.     In fact, I think image this would scale up very well. I will file this under the “unpredictable and beautiful patterns of complexity” portion of my prime directive.
  3. Muted Palate: The one layer, freeform light print on dark wood worked better than I thought it would.  Low expectations pay off again!

From my acclaimed animated gif Google called “somewhat relevant.”


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