already chubby when he took over after his father’s death.

Jon Fischer Cafe Laboheme 2014 3

The other night I walked in to Cafe La Boheme1 and my friend Awad Faddoul asked me if I would be interested in showing some art. I have exhibited work twice before at Cafe La Boheme.  I like it a lot.  It is the special type of Mission coffee shop that serves a truly mixed crowd, reliably doing so year after year. It’s at once removed from the furiously overcapitalized San Francisco hype machine while simultaneously situated right in its belly.  The hype machine isn’t all bad, but it suffers from a tendency towards the homogenous.  For my money, places that can mix it up like Boheme provide a valuable service that is hard to replicate. So I told Awad yes.

Running with the idea of my own personal billboard (an idea that has been emerging locally and nationwide, well discussed here by Willa K.2 ), I modified a few recent works to get my message out. As part of my plan to destroy the internet, this message is only intelligible in person. You can observe this effect below.

1incidentally, one of two local Palastinian-operated coffee shops.
2incidentally, one of two local neighbors who share opposite sides of a bedroom wall with me.

Cafe La Boheme | San Francisco CA | October 2014

Cafe La Boheme | San Francisco CA | October 2014

Cafe La Boheme | San Francisco CA | October 2014

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