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DO NOT CONFUSE THE PAST WITH YOUR MEMORY OF THE PAST. The past is a realm you will never directly experience. Your memory of the past is possibly just a neurochemical reaction. For reasons that are not understood you know how to generate meaning and beauty from pure randomness. For reasons that are not understood you have the ability to use available materials to imprint available experiences. This is most literally done with screen printing.

"Startup Art Fair"

Hotel del Sol 3100 Webster Street | San Francisco, CA

April 29 7:00 - 10:00 PM

Friday, April 29: Noon - 6:00 PM
Saturday, April 30: Noon - 9:00 PM
Sunday, May 1: Noon - 7:00 PM

This year my exhibition will focus on an experimental screen print subscription project. I will be transforming one motel room into a site-specific installation using art that I am giving away. Consisting of:

  • Dozens of handmade scrolls
  • New works on paper
  • Over two hundred free screen prints
Starting this weekend, you can sign up for a one year subscription at two different levels: (1. Free and 2. Not-free).  
MFA Never Catalog

Root Division 1131 Mission Street

MFA Never was conceptualized by Rhiannon Evans MacFadyen, to create opportunity for underrepresented artists, those who are unaffiliated with alumni networks, and may have not had the debut opportunity offered by the MFA Thesis exhibition. MacFadyen is the founder of A Simple Collective, a contemporary arts organization dedicated to, "access, equality, ingenuity, creativity, and independence."

Every artist who submitted to MFA NEVER will be featured in the MFA NEVER archive catalogue. The book includes information about each contributing artist and a compilation of essays by Root Division staff, and the panel of exhibition jurors, serving to unpack some of the issues surrounding decisions to not pursue higher education. Copies of the catalogue will be available to purchase for $20.